FTMS Global Student Council 08/09

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Meeting Agenda

Updates on Deeparaya Party
1.) Date changed from 13th October to 7th November due to request by management.
2.) Jia How presented his drama to us. Script, Cast, Equipments needed, to be prepared before next meeting.
3.) Shang Boon presented 8 games. We have chosen 3 of the best games from the 8 games. This 3 games will be apart of our Deeparaya Party. Report to be submitted before next meeting.
4.) I distributed 2 books of The Lotus Charity Centre carnival coupons to each member present to be sold before 1th of December. 10% of total sales will be given to us for our club fund.
5.) We have recruited new members to join us for this event. They are Choo Jek Hou, Eugene, So Loy Chyuan, Pitt Kwan, Kenny Chew, Elaine, and Yee Ley Gle.

1.) The Fashion Show will be in charged by Siew Yin. Members of the fashion show remains the same.
2.) Yen Shan have found an Indian dancer for our Indian Cultural Dance Performance.

To be prepared before next meeting
1.) Updates on the Fashion Show.
2.) Full script of drama by Jia How and Karthik Raj.
3.) Full description of games by Kenny Lim and Nishanti.
4.) Updates on carnival coupon sales.

I would like to remind all members once again to be more punctual for meetings. Please be more dedicated to our Club. If any of you have any problems, please contact me. Members that are ignorant and not dedicated will be sacked and replaced.

Masakazu Yoon
President SC FTMS 08/09